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Up with Inspiration

First and foremost, my medium is intuition; to communicate with as little translation as possible. To broach something simple and naked, that it may be understood fully by tangible perception and contextualization. At times this is a scream so loud it can't be ignored; a sentence with singular function; a public service announcement; a mirror maze of concept and idea.

I am unavoidable. I am imposing and ear-splitting. I am stern, honest and unabashed. I will get in the way, never break eye contact, get what I want. If hardcore punk makes you listen, I will howl into a microphone and detonate a drum kit. If noise makes you listen, I will concoct a deafening wall of feedback. If sight is what you understand, I will display the most brutal facts of my experience in bold type and shrieking glitch. If you need to be told one hundred times, I will screen-print two hundred matter that everyone in your life may tell you with their body.

I perform personas which allow facets of myself to be amplified throughout my entire being. I craft albums of music that function to purge experience and distraction. I program visuals which manifest entire worlds in a malfunctioning phrase. I create installations that transcend medium, eliminating all doubt against an experience, a portal. I curate art which functions in it's space as a call to action, a need for inspiration, a love of communication. I will do whatever it takes to make myself clear.